Re: Power for top controversial authors. *LINK*

>M:"People, imagine a publishing house and debate forum run by the top controversial authors. Imagine a college where students could study REAL history. I think that it would generate so much excitement that it wouldn't need mainstream support. The powers-that-be couldn't stop it. This time, the REAL historians would be in control, and not the weaselish defenders of the status quo."

>Ron: Ditto's! But, the status quo, has the power!

-M: Only because this power is given to them, and they are LOSING power fast, and they know it. If *WE* want to build our own institutions, they will resist(maybe some scary phone calls, or some stupid law-suits) but they won't send any hit men.

>Ron: They control very closely what is allowed to be said in print, at least at the best publishing houses, etc.[...]-

-M: Exactly, thats why *WE* need OUR OWN publishing house(s), and *WE* need to make it/them the BEST.

>Ron: I sometimes fear that the "experts" know the truth, but their reputations would be ruined if they admitted they were wrong, at least to a great degree!

-M: This is why *OUR* experts, like C.Pope, need to be treated with fairness and respect. If they change their mind, *WE* say "atta boy!", and not "WTF, why weren't you right to begin with?"

>Ron: It is interesting that right after this last cartoon crap, about Muhammed, there was a web site with numerous other representations of Muhammed, that exist or existed in Moslem countries! [...] Ciao, Ron

-M: Its much easier to oppress in these nations than in the industrialized West because of their whacked legal systems.

Mark, Seattle