Re: Power for top controversial authors.

Well, I really meant to say, yes I can imagine it, but I do not believe it can happen here. It has already happend in Russia to an extent (see Fomenko) but there they have or did receive government support. But here, or in England, no way! There would have to be a revolution, on the order of the French one, for that to happen, we whould have to "off the heads" of those entrenched in power, as a crude example! Sure you might get a multi-millionare who could substain a small college, but who would let their kids come?

It suffices to say that right now and for the forseeable future, the only place for real radical thought about history is right here on the internet. And if we/they started to infect a large enough percentage of the population, I think that, we/they might be seen as a threat to national security, and other strange things. The persecutions, or inquisitions might well begin again!


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