Re: Power for top controversial authors.

"People, imagine a publishing house and debate forum run by the top controversial authors. Imagine a college where students could study REAL history. I think that it would generate so much excitement that it wouldn't need mainstream support. The powers-that-be couldn't stop it. This time, the REAL historians would be in control, and not the weaselish defenders of the status quo."

Ditto's! But, the status quo, has the power! They control very closely what is allowed to be said in print, at least at the best publishing houses, etc. I have had conversations with some of the revisionists writers that have been published, and they recount terrible stories and tribulations they had to overcome before publication. I sometimes fear that the "experts" know the truth, but their reputations would be ruined if they admitted they were wrong, at least to a great degree!

It is interesting that right after this last cartoon crap, about Muhammed, there was a web site with numerous other representations of Muhammed, that exist or existed in Moslem countries! Where was the backlash to those? But, it seems even the internet is not immune to the fear these radicals possess for that site soon disappeared! The web address was;