Power for top controversial authors. *LINK*
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>Ron: Well, of course! And that was the predicate of my posting what I did post!

-M: Good. We are clear that this is democratic-republicanism.

>Ron: I, of course, assumed that everyone would reconginze that we have a "representative democracy", or a "Republic", rather than some great sounding, but some what a screwed up thing that is called a "real Democracy!" Ron

-M: And the reason democracy is screwed up is because the way votes are processed is usually based on popularity.

So if we can process the votes differently, then maybe we can overcome the popularity problem, eh?
I have seen it work.

People, imagine a publishing house and debate forum run by the top controversial authors. Imagine a college where students could study REAL history. I think that it would generate so much excitement that it wouldn't need mainstream support. The powers-that-be couldn't stop it. This time, the REAL historians would be in control, and not the weaselish defenders of the status quo.

Mark, Seattle