Re: Organizing Controversial Authors/ republican *LINK*

>Ron:[...]The most popular writer or doctor, etc., would not necessarily be the most correct nor the most important!

-M: Agreed, thats why *in-prestige* is not a *popularity* ranking, its a PEER-endorsement ranking.

>Ron: It would only be relevant if the degree of knowledge and intellectual development in all of the respondents was equal! And that is impossible!

-M: Agreed, thats why higher-ranking participants get more voting power.

>Ron: IE, you are left with a form of Democracy, which is also untenable from any intelligent viewpoint!

-M: Fortuanatly, Ron, this isn't democracy, its republicanism (scary word? Not 'Republican-ism', like the party). And this system does work in theory and in practice.

Mark, Seattle

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