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Dear Charles,
I've been an avid lurker on your site for many years now. Having read your work and most of Eisenman, recently "James, the Brother of Jesus," I'm curious about your take on a couple of characterizations within your New Testament work. Perhaps I missed it, but how have you identified Honi?(the circle drawer.) Second, I would like to hear more on your take on the Teacher of Righteousness, Wicked Priest, Spouter of Lies triad. Finally, do you place any value in Knight and Lomas's suggestion in "the Hiram Key" of the tsedeq/mishpat pillars and their human counterparts viz john and jesus (or James). If you haven't seen it- it suggests that the essene leadership required both a kingly messiah, and a priestly one, and that ultimately Jesus took up both roles- which perhaps eroded some of his political support.

Also, in support of your overarching thesis, have you examined the many instances in which biblical characters "fell asleep" for many and even hundreds of years (Onias (honi?)/Abimilech(honi again?)/Jeremiah are three for example who I personally believe may represent the same person, or at least multiple characters occupying the same office). Perhaps this line of thought is more evidence, or perhaps even an explicit hint from the scribes, of typecasting.

Thanks very much and I apologize in advance if you have already taken up these issues.

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