Re: Lord thy God, or something like that.

The old decipherments of hieroglyphics are mis-leading. There is but one CREATOR from which all exists. I suppose based on your other questions that you seek proof of the CREATOR? Suffice it to say that many better than me have tried to explain the CREATOR and all of the CREATIONS, each and in itself a marvel and miracle. If we look to the Ancient Egyptian texts and unravel the mysterious world of the hieroglyphics we find that the scholars of that day worked it out. While I argue many of the EA Wallis Budge decipherments in the "BOOK OF THE DEAD" there is a glimmer of what was going on. If your interest is genuine I suggest deciphering the text yourself utilizing "Hieroglyphica" and the Budge decipherments and a cross reference to Champollion as I have spent years doing. This may bring you the closeness to the CREATOR that you are seeking. This is not work you will find yet on the net, you must do it yourself. Are you up for the task? Do you really want to know the CREATOR?