Re: Lord thy God, or something like that.

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"Could someone give a good explaination of the concept of The Lord In ancient Egyptian texts as its applied to the role Pharaoh. And how that model was reapplied in the writings of the bible, with the title Lord being applied to God almighty."

I do not think originally it meant any more than it did in most of the middle ages. If you were not at the top of the food chain, IE not a prince, or duc or king, etc., or if you were referring to any other person that held a higher rank or privilige than yours, you would have to act respectfully to that person under pain of death or severe punishment, since Lord and God are but variants of the same word. Almighty God, may have merely referred to the very head man or woman in your community or nation/city state etc. Heck, even many Caesars were considered gods, like pharoahs!

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Re: Lord thy God, or something like that.