Opening Up the Temple
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Helge, well we begin to digress on this thread, if not transgress! No offense taken, but then again I'm not Jewish. I fully understand your frustration. When I think about how the best years of my life were wasted by lies it makes me angry too. I've tried to channel the negative energy into something possitive, such as this web site. Yet the more we learn the more we realize the extent of the lies. And they don't end with Josephus!

I seem to recall that when Athens was about to be destroyed the priests opened up the temples and revealed the mysteries to the people. This doesn't seem to have happened when Jerusalem was under siege. The priests withheld the secrets of the Torah and other writings to the bitter end. They continued to protect them until no one was left in the whole world that could "solve the puzzles".

Both Ptolemaic and Seleucid rulers tried to bring Jews out of their isolationism and into the "modern" world. Some Jews embraced Hellenism but perhaps the majority did not. Yet, if all Jews at the time were allowed to understand the true nature of their origens as a nation and the real identities of persons spoken about in their Scriptures, would they have continued steadfast in their religion?

What was the motive for keeping so many people ignorant? And who benefitted from that ignorance? Or was it simply impossible for the few priests and other elites that still had the ability to interpret Scripture to actually divulge that knowledge? After all, there was no Internet in those days. And now that we do have the Internet, "who has believed our report"?