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Hi Charles!

Im sorry if I made it sound as if I was defaming the Jews. Of course I didnt mean "most Jews". But there is something at the heart of Judaism itself - as a religion - that Ive been trying to understand for a long time, without much real success so far, though. I used the word "trickster" much in the Native American mythological sense, i.e. someone who plays a trick on you in order to teach you something important about yourself. The Native American myths often portray the Coyote as the "eternal trickster". He is both feared and highly respected - feared because he plays the most sinister tricks upon you and respected, and sometimes even beloved, because he does so in order to teach you something important that you need to understand. In these mythic stories, Coyote often puts himself into serious trouble as well.

Thats what I had in mind when I wrote "eternal tricksters". Its just a feeling I get as Im trying to understand Judaism. Perhaps the word "trickster" carries a more negative meaning in daily speech, though. American is not my native language and sometimes I make some real blunders. Sorry.


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