A Roman World

Hi Charles!

I think one major misunderstanding throughout the so called Christian Era has been the false notion that Judaic and Christian scriptures deal with real historical events while mythology is a thing that exclusively belongs to the so called gentiles or heathens or pagans.

From the very onset of Judaism, its mythology as expressed in their religious ideas and scriptures has been so historicized and carnalized that it is hardly any longer recognized as mythology.

Maybe the Jews are the eternal tricksters of humankind. At least, thats the strange feeling I sometimes get.

Their myths are obviously designed to pose as "history". Yes, I know that there are certain actual "historical elements" - however twisted - contained in the Judaic mythic cycles. But that doesnt turn the entire myths into sheer "history". Although disguised as true historical records, theyre still as mythic as any "pagan" or "heathen" myth.

Christianity, of course, has followed the same scheme as Judaism. The Christ myth has been dressed in historical attire in order to "fulfil the (Judaic) scriptures" and beguile the believers.

In fact, it was deemed as heresy not to believe in "the historical Jesus Christ". The Gnostics denied the historical existence of Jesus and believed instead in a metaphysical and ideal Christ. I think it is rather obvious that these Hellenistic and Egyptian Gnostics must have been around quite some time before the arrival of "Roman Christianity". They were probably the "antichrists" and "false teachers" of the NT scriptures. And thus their (metaphysical) Christ, too, must have been around long before Caesars Messiah entered the stage. Since the Gnostics denied "Christ in the flesh" and thus were disobedient to the Roman Church, they were persecuted and done away with.

Although Im not living in America, I agree with you that in many ways it seems like the Roman world still lingers on. Perhaps the Roman empire never really ended but lived on in Western civilization and its institutions. Perhaps were still enslaved by it. After all, we have obviously been spellbound for two millennia by an Emperor Cult in disguise, as suggested by Joseph Atwills "Caesars Messiah".


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