Messiah Josephus
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You were just a little ahead of your time Eddie!

You may be right also that Josephus had the last laugh on Titus. He may have paid for that later in the reign of Domitian. Eisenman thinks that Josephus was probably executed by Domitian. Perhaps he was accused of exalting Titus and his own self too much, and was undermining the divinity being persued by Domitian?

There is something else very interesting in the episode of Josephus about the Pharisees refusing to take the oath of loyalty (no doubt involving the recognition/worship of Caesar as "Lord"). After being ransomed by the wife of Pheroras, the Pharisees prophesied that the throne of Herod would be given to the descendants of Pheroras and his wife.

Josephus despised the Pharisees in general, but seems to have twisted the prophesy to apply to himself. Josephus never identifies the wife of Pheroras by name. This seems to be deliberate. He does record that Pheroras had another wife, Salampsio, the daughter of Herod by Hasmonean Mariamne. This leading princess Salampsio later became the wife of Herod's nephew Phasael (son of Herod's brother Phasael). I concluded that Salampsio was the mother of the Apostle Matthew (Matthias), who was in turn the probable father of Josephus son of Matthias. This is found on the following book chart:

I was in the process of researching for an essay titled "Josephus as Herodian" when I came across Joe Atwill's book. I'm more convinced now than before that Josephus was from an important Hasmonean "branch" of the Idumean family of Antipater. Josephus claimed Hasmonean descent through his mother or maternal side. His male lineage, like all other Herodians, would have been Idumean. But he obviously hoped that his "branch" would rise with Roman favor to become the dominant one attached to the Idumean "root".