Re: King Tutankhamen: THE ARK OF THE COVENANT

King Tutankhamen sought the internal part of himelf, particularly his SOUL and once Initiated in the most Sacred and Secret Paths (Ptah) to Illumination realized what many before and after have realized. At birth we have been sentenced to death, during our lives we have the "FREE WILL" to make choices. The choices we make have a ripple effect on us and all life. The word Karma comes to mind. In a time where ignorance abounds, we need the SOULS of the Illumined to shine brightest and help those to see the SOUL within.

We are on the threshold of an amazing transformation of human (MIND) evolution by and through our common history and destiny, it is only through our own efforts that we can remove the confusion from the MIND. We are the overseers of life on Earth and the path we choose determines the Path of our individual SOULS.

I have at legth translated the hieroglyphics of the King Tutankhamen Objects in an effort to understand the King. I suggest that you do the same by buying a copy of the "Hieroglyphica" and Budge's decipherments of Hieroglyphics and Champollion's Code. Utilizing these sources will give you the true insight to the genius of King Tutankhamen. Do your homework!