Re: King Tutankhamen: THE ARK OF THE COVENANT

I am a novice in this area so forgive the simplicity (and perhaps insanity) of these comments.....It seems to me that the dimensions of the pyramids and that of the first temple in Jerasulem are very particular as it relates to the mass of the structures and the placement of the sanctuaries.

It seems plausible, that the construction of the ark, in particular the highly refined gold lid....under certain conditions could have trans-dimensional and levitational properties....

It seems to me also...that knowledge and wisdom that passed through the ancient eqyptian royals through the house of david....has generally not been widely distributed....

It also seems to me that this wisdom perhaps is what was recoved at the time of the first crusade....It is extremly curious to me that after the time of the first crusade that architectural and building technologies in eurpoe took a quantum step forward and that the international banking system was established.

I realize that this must all sound a bit insane....but the connections seem to me to be very curious....they also seem to be trying to tell us some important things about ourselves and our society. I must admit though I am not sure what it is telling us.