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Hi Charles!

Im not sure what you mean by "real", but I guess you have in mind a real historical person who in his life acted in the role of a Horus, a Tutmosis III, a Tutankhamen, etc, i.e. a "Jesus figure".

You mention "Jesus of Nazareth" as the foremost of what you call the "more notable Jesus figures before [Eleazar]". But, as far as I know, the only "Jesus of Nazareth" or "Jesus the Nazarene" there is, is the one mentioned in the gospel stories now shown to be crafted by Romans and pro-Roman Jews. Is that not so?

Perhaps you are right about there being several "real Jesuses" (Herodian or others) around at the time we are talking about. But I think it is important to realize that the real Jesus (if you pardon the expression) - I refer to the (fictitious) Jesus Christ of the Church (and the four gospels) - was drawn from numberless sources: mythological, religious, arcane, historical, etc, as well as from the most varying places and time periods.

So I dont think the Roman/pro-Roman Jewish gospel conspirators invented the guy out of nothing. "He" was already there, so to speak, only no one had told so far about his (fictitious) "birth/baptism/ministry/death & resurrection" in a Judean and Galilean setting at the time of the Caesars Augustus and Tiberius.

As soon as the story was invented and told, the Jesus Christ of the Church had been once and for all anchored in time and space. In other words he was made "real" (no matter how unreal he really was) unto the believers of the Christian faith.

I dont really know yet how to properly regard the Gnostic and apocryphal gospels. But I have the feeling that those scriptures do not mention any Judean ministry of Christ according to the four canonized gospels but rather present "wisdom sayings of the Lord" and stuff like that. Although, for example, the Gospel of Thomas does mention some of the disciples, like Mary, Salome, Thomas, Matthew, and Simon Peter, it says nothing about any Galilean and Judean ministry of Jesus in accordance with the four gospels.

Perhaps some - or a lot - of the Gnostic and apocryphal scriptures were older than the four gospels while others were written later on. I dont know. Certainly this matter must be thoroughly investigated and understood before the puzzle of the four gospels can be fully solved.