Grafting onto Judaism
In Response To: Esther's "Root and Branch" ()

The implication of the Book of Esther is that original Jews were constantly being exploiting for political advantage.

As an example, consider the reign of Amenhotep II. He assumed the role of Jacob and placed his twelve princes over the twelve (pre-existing) tribes of Israel, the original Jews. These princes were not Jews in the traditional sense, but royal persons who lorded over traditional Jews. And not just Jews, all other ethnic tribes within the Egyptian empire. The ruling family generally encouraged tribes to be different and therefore strange and repulsive to other tribes. Perhaps Judaism took this practice of xenophobia to the extreme, or at least was the only one to fully documented it.

When Judaism was officially restored in Israel after the Babylonian exile, the leaders were not traditional/original/native Jews of Israel but members of the "Persian" ruling family. They grafted themselves onto Judaism, as would royal persons in the Greek and Herodian Periods. We should further expect that the Maccabees were also "grafters" of some kind. It only seems logical then that the Romans would do the very same thing by appointing a Flavian to the highest office (Pope) and monopolizing other key positions within the "new Judaism". And this is the subject of Chapter 1 of "Caesar's Messiah".