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Hi again Charles,

Of course neither Titus nor Aristobulus ever "was" Jesus. No actual, historical character ever "was" the Jesus of the four gospels. He is a fictive literary creation (albeit living a life of his own in the liturgy and teachings of the Church and in the minds of the believers).

As Atwill shows in "Caesars Messiah", the Gospel Jesus was the kind of Jewish Messiah that Titus and his fellow Romans would like to see. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Jesus of the gospels to a large extent resembles or "parallells" Titus.

As shown by Atwill, the Gospel Jesus was created by the Romans (in collaboration with pro-Roman Jews like Josephus) as a religious icon to replace any notions of a militant or anti-Roman Jewish Messiah - an icon that blended well with the image of the Emperor himself.

Since Jesus ministry according to the gospels so closely parallells - in a satirical manner - Titus campaign according to Josephus, one can say of course that Jesus in a way is an allegorical representation of Titus. Then also, Titus actually himself seems to have fulfilled Jesus prophecy about the coming of the "Son of Man". So the two of them are perfectly merged into one and the same figure, designed to make christianized Jews unknowingly bow to the Emperor at last. Allegorically speaking, then, Titus "was" Jesus. But (of course) only allegorically.


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