Past Life Regression Analysis of Moses

Stephen Mehler, author of "Land of Osiris" has a new book out called "From Light into Darkness: The Evolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt". (

A large portion of the book is devoted to a comparison of Ahmed Osman's theory of Akhenaten/Moses with that of Gary Greenberg in his title "The Moses Mystery". To this mix he adds the previously unpublished indigenous Egyptian memories told to him by one Abd'El Hakim Awyan.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

"Otto Rank, a follower of Sigmund Freud, created a concept that he called 'The Myth of the Great Man'. Essentially what Rank was postulating is that the myths of certain important individuals in history, particularly people whose lives and teachings that religions are based upon such as Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, are actually the lives of more than one historical person fused together. I believe that to be exactly the case with Moses. Osman is correct that aspects of and events in the life of Akhenaten were fused into the myth of Moses, and, I believe, there were two other individuals who were also fused into the myth."

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