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Hi Charles,
I know what you mean: "After the death of Akhenaten, there was a movement to annul his role, much as Hatshepsut was earlier suppressed. His assassinations of the Libyan pharaohs Osorkon, Takelot, and Sheshonq II probably had a lot to do with this. The Torah represents a "minority report" in which the role of Akhenaten continued to be honored. The majority opinion with the royal family was that the next Adam/Sargon would come from the "Libyan" dynasty given to Aye (Ham) rather than directly from the House of Yuya (Japheth). Ultimately, and with much more argument and bloodshed, another Adam/Sargon was recognized in the person of Piye/Sargon II."

I was wondering if the "priests of Baal" were code names for either Osorkon, Takelot, and Sheshonq II in priestly roles?

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