Belus and Set/Baal
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Belus and Aegyptus, like Biblical names, are not just people but types. The Greeks shared the same tendency as the Jews in creating composite characters. Their Great God Zeus is like Egyptian Amun and Biblical Jehovah, a composite deity. In Greek myth, there was a mighty Herakles just after the Flood and another one just before the Fall of Troy. There were probably a number of Greek heroes named Belus even as many Egyptian kings were named after Set/Montu). Even more confusing, the Greeks naturalized at least Egypitan history, such as King Oedipus (Akhenaten) as their own. So when does actual Greek history begin and Egyptian borrowing end? Perhaps not before the time of Akhenaten.

We are beginning to make some sense of the elusive Biblical characters. Possibly there is hope for the Greek ones as well!