Jerusalem and the Hyksos
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Manetho claimed that the Hyksos who were driven out of Lower Egypt went on to re-establish themselves in Jerusalem. However, from the Bible, David later evicted Jebusites, not Jews/Israelites, from Jerusalem. So this is further indication that Josephus was badly mistaken in this. (The tribe name Jebusite is somewhat generic. It could relate to the god Geb/Reuben as suggested previously or a Hyksos king playing his role, perhaps even Apophis II. But there is no need to speculate too much here.)

The one name from archaeology we do have in the Biblical Exodus account, Ramses, indicates that Manetho's account of Rampses and Amenophis was the one actually connected to a real Exodus. But Josephus is deeply offended by that description. Rather than trying to correct it, he rejects it outright and chooses Manetho's Hyksos story as the one related to the Exodus.