The Wanderings of Cain and Genesis

The author of Genesis was more interested to conforming to the format of traditional king-lists rather than providing a true genealogy. In Sumer, their were two major variants of the list of gods before the Flood. One type had seven kings, the other had nine. Genesis provides one of each! The first and oldest has seven Patriarchs before the Flood. The list wasn't however completely arbitrary. Five names are from Adam's line through Cain. The other two are from Abel's line. Yet we don't meet what the Genesis author considers a fully righteous person until Noah.

You should be able to better understand these concepts from a closer study of the tutorials.

In the tutorials I discuss the many cities named Eridu that are scattered throughout the Near East. We don't know which one was the city of Cain before the dynastic period. Perhaps it was the city On/Annu in Egypt. The first city of Eridu in Mesopotamia was associated with the archetypal gods Anu and Enki and not with later so-called gods who were playing their roles. The time before the last Great Flood was relatively recent. The creation of modern Man goes back 10's if not 100's of thousands of years.

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