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There is some (questionable) evidence that Egyptus was Thutmose 3. That would mean Thutmose 2 is Belus. Belus is married to Semiramis. Maybe Hatshepsut goes into exile, and ends up in Ninevah... marrying Ninus. If you assign 19 years per generation (Average age of a father when his first son is born), then Ctesias geneaology matches Semiramis to Hatshepsut. This would imply that her trips to Punt were to Pontus.

A little bit imaginative theory... but interesting nonetheless.

Maybe this makes the god Ammon her procreated with her... Amenhotep 1... who reigns to the west of Egypt... in Ammonia(Cyrene). He conquers egypt, and lets her remain in charge. Then Thutmose 3 re-conquers Egypt, and sends her into exile.

BTW... there is pretty good evidence that the person the greeks call Ammon... is Amenhotep 3. Thutmose 4 MIGHT be referred to as Horus(Orus). He might found a colony in Troezen, Greece (19 year rule).

The Greek called Nilus MAY be a Cretan.

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