Akhenaten, Moses, and Ritual Murder
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No, I don't think murder alone caused Akhenaten to be hated in later memory the way Akhenaten was hated. Nor was he hated for any murders committed by his son Smenkhkare.

Moses killed "an Egyptian", but this was not later held against him in the Biblical account. The role of Moses in fact required the murder of a specific Egyptian, one playing the taskmaster god Osiris (Biblical type of Issachar). Akhenaten did not stop at killing one high-ranking Egyptian, but went on to kill many others whose fate was not to be murdered by him (his type). Akhenaten would have been stricken from official Egyptian king-lists for these crimes which had no basis in tradition. (I'm not say that institutionalized murder was a good thing, only that it was considered a necessary evil, and sometimes convenient, by ancient kings.)