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Charles, That is the point! In his "Jesus in the House of the Pharoahs," Ahmed Osman wants to show that "Jesus" was the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. But, I think he dates Tut at about 1,300 BC. It is a stumbling block to me (to use a biblical phrase) that the cult of Tut would have remained so strong down to 32CE! The point of circular time was that reality/time had to be recreated/re-established at certain specific periods to keep it fresh and "real." Thus the life of Tut would also have to be re-played at certain intervals. Perhaps this was the role given to Aristobulos III.

However, if Tut lived circa 800 BCE then the cult might still have survived to the turn of the millenia! I am very excited at your view that history is much more compact than originally thought!

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