Re: Akhenaten and Moses, A Brief History

I suspect that proof of the connection between Akhenaten and Moses will be difficult to develop. And proof that they were one and the same man even more difficult.

However, the logic behind the two being one and the same man is extraordinarily compelling.

The Akhenaten story...montheism reform in ancient eqypt followed by exile fits precisely into the Moses story.

Also...there is evidence that the dimensions of the pyramids and the sanctuary at the base of the pyramids are in exacting propotions to solomon's temple,why would this be so unless it was wisdom which was passed down.

It seems plausable that becoming aware of his hebrew heritage (desended from Joseph) that he may have desired to institute reforms for the benefits of the isrealites working in eqypt at the time, perhaps a more equitable sharing in the creation of wealth....this no doubt would have created discord in the royal court and lead to his exile.....

What about the Tut connection...murder of the boy King....if this were Akhenaten's (Moses) son...would he not have been ripe for an assassination to ensure that his father's unpopular and dangerous (to the status quo that is) reforms.

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