Josephus and the Hyksos

I'm presently researching the next topic in the Herodian series, "Josephus as Herodian".

It is very interesting that in "Against Apion" Josephus states that the Exodus was associated with the legendary expulsion of the Hyksos. It is especially odd considering that the idea does not come from Josephus himself but Manetho's (now lost) history of Egypt and that the Hyksos were remembered as oppressors in Egypt rather than oppressed. It seems extremely suspicious that Josephus would seize upon this account of Manetho and adopt it as his own people's history. It is true however that we have no idea who the Hasmoneans were, from whom Josephus claimed descent. Did Josephus actually think this is how his particular Hasmonean ancestors arrived in Israel from Egypt? If so, that's quite a revelation! I seriously doubt it, but even so would not be incompatible with my view of things. The Hyksos were part of the same royal family from which the Jews later branched off.

Also, although Josephus claims to be of the hereditary priesthood, he apparently does not have any sources of his own to help clarify the Exodus and particularly who the rulers of Egypt were at the time of the Exodus. He rejects Manetho's claim that there was another later Exodus in the time of "Amenophis". He again has no hard evidence to contradict it, but simply attacks the logic of Manetho's multiple expulsion accounts, and similar ones from other ancient writers.

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