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Charles, I was only responding to your previous words where you wrote;

"The true origins of the Jewish god that can now be understood. You don't have to accept the old dogma, or participate in hideous re-enactments of crucifixions anymore."

I assumed that you were refering to the "sacrifical", son or lamb, or lamb of God, etc. It has been inferred by some thinkers that it was an ancient custom, in both Europe and the New World, to sacrifice or kill the old king, to appease the gods/god or when he was no longer able to perform as a man in bed (see David, etc.. Later these sacrifices were allowed to be only representations of a crucifixion, or scourging, or other symbolic representations of what at one time was a real event! And there also exists the thinking that "substitutes" could be used in lieu of the real king, prince, etc.! Thus did God allow a ram or goat to be substituted for the son of Jacob?, on the alter, and Jesus, was considered a substitute for all mankind, and some writers have even speculated that a substitute was made at the crucifixion of Jesus, that is the law allowed another to take ones place, just as persons with money in the War Between the States, were allowed to pay someone else to fulfill their place in the military draft!

Well, that was a long way to explain why I wrote what I did, I have assumed the Egyptian/Bablonian ruling class had a similar "sacrificial lamb!"


Ron Hughes

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