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Charles, I just wanted to add a little to my post. It is most interesting that there are two currents in the Bosporus. There is a current on the upperlevel of the straight that flows from the Black Sea to the Med. or the Sea of Marmar, it would or could be called a fresh water current, much like the flow of the Jordan river from the Sea of Galilee to the Salt or Dead Sea! But there also exists a deep current that flows from the Med. to the Black Sea! This is a "salt" current, and thus the two seas are exchanging or trying to equalize the salt content of each, since the Black Sea is a relatively new sea, it is quite a bit less salty than the ancinet Med.!

In essence the similarities of the two areas are obvious if you take a close look. On the West side of the Bosphorus is the Holy City of Constantinople and on the West side of the Jordan is the Holy City of Jerusalem. Moses and Joshua first saw the "promised land" from a mountain top on the East side of the River, and the legend of the "Hill of Joshua/Jesus" on the East side of the Bosporus!

Just a little bit of pseudo-fact!