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Charles wrote;

"The Greek Septuagint does originate from Alexandria where the family of Philo was among the most prominent. I suppose if Philo's family did descend from the Jerusalem High Priests (and the pharaohs before that) then they would have been one of the first to be consulted for the Septuagint project. If this family was also associated with Ptolemy and Nicolaus of Herod the Great's administration, then they were certainly also prominent in Syria, especially Damascus and perhaps also Abilene ("Abel"), a locale between Chalcis and Damascus."

Charles, you and others have spoken of Philo (Piso?) of Alexandria a good deal and I have enjoyed the conversation.

But except for the mention of the Ptolemies, just how do we know whether Philo or any one else can be exactly connected to Alexandria in Egypt? After all, there were numerous places named Alexandria or some version of it! Even one in Syria! So why could he not have lived and written in another Alexandria. Certainly, in the past 2,000 years, there could have been many chances for historians to confuse the numerous Alexandria's with one another.

Secondly, since his views seem to be somewhat contrary to Judaism, in some ways, and he was accused of being too much a Hellene, why did he not seem to write about the followers of Jesus? Or John the Baptist? Or maybe he did since not all of his works are now extant?

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