420 Year Sojourn of Abraham's Royal Descendants
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If you look at book chart 14, the time from Abraham (Djehuty) at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty to Zedekiah (Amenemope), it's a little over 400 years.

If you look at book chart 16, the time from the crowning of Hyksos king Salitis to the traditional end of the Hyksos dynasty in Year 11 of Ahmose is about 70 years. As we have learned, the Hyksos Period did not represent a "foreign occupation" of Egypt by "Asiatics" but a transfer of the primary royal court from Egypt to Babylon at the end of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. With the founding of the New Kingdom it returned to Egypt. Likewise at the end of the New Kingdom the primary royal court reverted once again to Mesopotamia. The well informed student of history, such as Jeremiah, no doubt recognized and announced the expected pattern of 70 years before a new dynasty would be based again in Egypt. (Very nice call Ron!)This prophesy was not fulfilled in a strict sense. High-ranking Jews were allowed to found a "New Jerusalem" in Palestine, but the center of royal power remained firmly in Mesopotamia and Persia. At the end of the Persian Period an independent royal dynasty was established in Egypt (undoubtedly believing fate demanded that Egypt rise once more to dominance), but it was short-lived.

Also, if you use the search utility on the forum you should be able to find some previous discussion on the Hyksos and the "anti-Exodus" that was associated with the so-called expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt. (A true Exodus was associated with a transfer of the royal court from Egypt to Babylon as in the time of Hammurabi. The faux-Exodus was associated with a transfer of the royal court from Babylon to Egypt, as in the time of Apophis and perhaps also in the time of Pepi/Sargon. In the time of Akhenaten, a transfer to Mesopotamia was expected but it did not occur. The Exodus of that time was lumped together with that of Hammurabi in the Biblical Exodus account, even though a renewed priority of Egypt over Mesopotamia ensued in the Rammesside Era.)