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Charles, I do not think so, the site is very old, dating back to pre-crusader times, and it is not kept up, and no charge is made for the visit, although it is/was surrounded by a large iron fence.

But, this site is not the only one of interest in the area around Istambul! There are other sites with most interesting Biblical connections, such as another burial tomb near the Black Sea, where their exists/existed a old temple to Zeus/Jesus/, a "Hill of Joshua"/ Jesus? etc. As a matter of fact at this same place they (the Moselems) have a mosque dedicated to a Moslem St. named as my memory has it Jesa! or Jusa! None of these sites are highly recommend sites for westerners/occidentals, so no advantage is being made of them by the Turks!

These places just exist. And, as you well know, the passage from the Sea of Marmar, to the Black Sea, was a river valley before the break thru of the sea that led to the flooding of the Black Sea basin, and it still looks like a river today, and it has a strong current, and it basically runs from south to north, and at one time, it ran from a salty sea into a fresh water lake, and there is an ancinet crossing there called the "cows ford" or something similar, think of Oxford!

So, with the mountain of Joshua, overlooking the Occidental side of the passage/river and the promised land Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire on the other side, I could visualize just such an occurance. But that is me. LOL

So, as you see, there seems to be a good deal of point by point relationships with the Bible. But, I could be wrong! LOL



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