Sequel to "The Templar Revelation"

Picknett and Prince have just published a new book, The Sion Revelation.

They argue that investigators have been too quick to dismiss the Priory of Sion as a amateurish hoax. Although it is now agreed that French aristocrat Pierre Plantard invented the society, they insist it is still important to closely examine his political motivations in the 1950's for doing so (e.g., to help restore the government of Charles de Gaulle), and also consider the possibility that the Priory of Scion was created as a vehicle by another more sophisticated secret society. Along these lines, the authors explore the possible existence of societies that might seek to rally behind a "synarchist vision" to achieve the goal of a united Europe.

Well, o.k., I suppose every political cause seeks a persuasive philosophical underpinning, whether there is any historical merit or not!

The conclusion drawn here is that the bloodline of Mary Magdalene and Jesus was real, but that it was only one of several Herodian royal lines. In that sense, it should not be considered Messianic, but political in the conventional sense. However, like all royalty of their day they sought to legitimize their rule by wrapping themselves in an imperial religious cult. We can finally penetrate that shroud of mysticism by understanding their culture. Rulers back in the day of Christ did seek obedience from the public by instilling a sense of fear, and also by eliciting the love and respect due to divinely appointed beings.

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