"James the Brother of Jesus"

O.K., if there's no more interest in rehashing the Egyptian Old Kingdom, let's get back to New Testament studies.

Who's ready for a discussion of Robert Eisenman's "James the Brother of Jesus"? I'd like to break this subject down into a number of topics:

1) Paul as Herodian and Courtier of Nero
2) Were Josephus and Philo Herodians?
3) Were James and Peter Herodians?
4) Was Mary a type of Herodian "God's Wife"?
5) Herodian Interaction with Jewish Sects
6) Conflict between Paul and James
7) Conflict between Simon Peter and Simon Magus
8) Herodian Anger over the Jewish Rejection of their Rule
9) Herodian Rule in Edessa of Armenia
10) Herodian Leadership in the Jewish Revolt against Rome Initiated from Edessa

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