The Harim Conspiracy of Ramses III

This following link is for an interesting documentary on the harim conspiracy in the reign of Ramses III.

Bob Brier concludes that unmarked "Mummy E" or "Man E" of the royal Deir el-Bahri cache is a prince named Pentawere whose mother was a queen of Ramses III and conspired to put him on the throne. The chosen weapon against Ramses III was the deadly cobra. (Brier shows a statue of Ramses III which included an inscribed spell against all snake bites.) The conspirators were tried and punished. Many were executed, but Pentawere being a member of the royal family was allowed to commit suicide by poisoning.

Brier notes that the gaping mouth and apparent expression of torture on the face of "Mummy E" was proabably not caused by an excruciating death but actually quite normal for a corpse that has not been embalmed/mummified. He also notes that the back teeth (moulers) of the unmarked mummy suggest that he was a relatively young man.

In my model, Pentawere is one and the same as Pentweret, Chief of the Ma, who is listed as one of the Libyan kings subdued by Piye. Ramses III is found in Piye's inscription under the Libyan name of Akenesh. See Chapter 36 of the on-line book. The harim conspiracy and death of Ramses III/Akenesh is discussed in Chapter 38. I concluded that Ramses (as a type of Horus/Benjamin) survived the Cobra attack (as did Horus) and that this is the reason he was later invoked as a charm against snakes. He went on to live and rule for at least 15 more years. The Biblical history of Ramses III however reveals a wish that he had not.

Both Ramses III and Pentawere would have been fairly young at the time of the conspiracy, but it is still not conclusive whether or not "Mummy E" is Pentawere.