Amarna and the 6th Dynasty

The October 2002 issue of National Geographic featured an article called "Death on the Nile". Instead of Tutankhamun, a prominent 6th Dynasty prince was called Tetiankh-kem, "Tetiankh the Black." According to he article his tomb and mummy, that of a young man of about 25 years at death, have been found. Some Egyptologists make Teti-ankh-kem the son of pharaoh Teti. Others think he was the son of Pepi I.

In the Amarna period, Tut married his half-sister Ankhesen-amun (pa-aten). The 6th Dynasty featured several queens/princesses named Ankhesen-pepi ("she lives for Pepi). The first Ankhesen-pepi was wife of Pepi I and mother of Pepi II. She later also became the consort of Inyotef I.

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