Moses, Jacob, and Joseph

If you have studied the tutorials it should be clear that the Biblical characters of Moses and Jacob both derive from the god Re. They are different aspects of his life. Jacob represents the apotheosis of Re in Egypt. Moses reflects the exile of Re after the death of Osiris and his return shortly before the Flood. These aspects of Re became separated in the Middle Kingdom, that is, the Jacob element of Re was played by one king (Sensuret II) and the Moses element by another (Auibre Hor). After this, the two roles were not recombined.

Re was the son of Ptah (Ea/Enki) archetype for Biblical Joseph. However, all gods were ultimately subordinated to Re in Egyptian theology, especially with the merging of Re with Atum as Atum-Re. Therefore, the Biblical character Joseph appears as a son of Jacob rather than the other way around.

Mythologically speaking, Joseph is also the father of Moses. In the Middle Kingdom, the king who played Joseph (Inyotef IV) was the father of the king that played Moses (Auibre Hor).

In the 18th Dynasty, the role of Joseph was played by Yuya. He was the son of the 18th Dynasty Jacob, Amenhotep II. He was also the father of the 18th Dynasty Moses, Akhenaten.

The royalty of Yuya is absolutely fundamental to understanding the relationship between the Book of Genesis and actual history. So, if you disagree, then this means you aren't grasping basic concepts.

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