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"The Hebrew etymology of the name Judah comes straight out of Strong's Concordance. Judah is commonly referred to as "the praised", so probably the outstretched hand came to signify worship."

And thus the outstretched hand used to "hail" / "hale" /"heil" Caesar in the movies and the similar usage by the Nazi's, all designed to "praise" or "worship" them! Note "hail" / "heil", meaning "be healthy" or more closely maybe as "to your good health", or "wishing you good health", and closely related or the same as a "salute", "prosit", "toast", etc.

So, maybe we can conclude that at one time at least, to "hail" someone, you held out your glass of drink, as literally meant "I/We drink to your health", or "long may you live", "toast", etc.

So, in the famous discourse, written by Shakespear, "I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him!" Did he mean "tosting" or "to your good health?", "let's eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shall/may die!" LOL

You see, it was not a serious passage Shakespeare wrote, it t'was nothing but a joke! A fabulous play on and with words, since Caesar was also "prost-rate!", "on his back!", etc. LOL The more I think about it and laugh, the more likely I may become prostrate! LOL

So, prosit, and I hope you had a merry Christ's Mass, a happy Chanukah, and I prosit the New Year!


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