"Secrets of the Exodus"

I was in a used bookstore earlier this month and came across the English translation of "Secrets of the Exodus" by the Sabbah brothers (Messod and Roger).

The authors are French Jews from a rabbinical family who became inspired by the theory of Sigmund Freud on Moses and Akhenaten.

Although their book was first published in French in 2000 it does not even mention Ahmed Osman. The Sabbah brothers conclude that Akhenaten was not Moses but instead Abraham. (I disagree, but there is in fact a strong identification of Akhenaten with his ancestor Abraham. See my discussion of this in Chapter 21 under the section, "Serving the Sun".)

The Sabbah's conclude that the Exodus began early in the reign of Tutankhumun and was mandated by Aye, which is also consistent with my model. However, the Sabbah's conclude that the Exodus did not end until the people were resettled in the reigns of Ramses and Sety, who they associate with Moses and Joshua. I also found that Sety tried to establish himself as a Joshua figure, although not a Joshua in the traditional sense. In my model Sety corresponds to Joash king of Israel, who wanted Elisha to designate him successor in the role of Joshua.

There is a chapter on Akhenaten as a type of Adam, especially as concerns his "cult of nudity", his modeling of a temple after the Garden of Eden, and representing himself as both male and female.

The Sabbah's were also inspired by the linguistic studies of Fabre d'Olivet. D'Olivet is author of "The Hebraic Tongue Restored", which postulates a strong influence of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on the Hebrew language. The final six chapters of "Secrets of the Exodus" discuss new insights into the relationship between the Hebrew and Egyptian languages.

As a bonus there is a chapter on the possible Egyptian origins of the Masai peoples of Kenya and Tanzania!

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