DaVinci Code Documentaries

I've taken in a few of the DaVinci Code documentaries that have aired recently on various channels (Discover, History, ABC, etc). A comprehensive list is found at the bottom of this post.

The latest one was called "The Real DaVinci Code" hosted by Tony Robinson. He played the hilarious character Baldric in the British comedic history series Black Adder. Most DaVinci documentaries are directed either at putting Grail research in favorable light or debunking it. "The Real DaVinci Code" on the other hand is from the perspective of a typical naive reader of Dan Brown's book who wants to get the facts for himself.

Tony Robinson explores a number of the main elements of the book. Each element is at first plausible to him, but after a critical (although somewhat superficial) second look he loses confidence. In the end, he concludes that the idea of a Messianic line through Mary Magdalene has to be a fantasy and is believable only because we want to find something miraculous in the course of human history.

There is of course much more substance to the various aspects of Mary Magdalene research than is brought out by the documentary. But the average person doesn't have the time or interest to dig it out. Tony Robinson manages to get to the heart of the matter without an exhaustive study.

The evidence presented on this site proves that Mary Magdalene, Jesus and other Gospel figures were members of the family of Herod the Great. Herodians married both within their own family and with other leading families of the Mediterranean as part of the process of protecting and expanding their royal status. They went on to found important dynasties in France and other locations in Europe. There was nothing miraculous about these events. It was situation normal in the business of rulership.

So, this is the problem with performing historical research on religious icons. When their true identities and activities are decoded, the sacred and miraculous nature of their lives is what surfaces as fantasy. And when we buy into a pious scam, it may make us feel better in the short term, but ultimately sets us up for a huge disappointment in the long run.

A puzzle only holds our interest while it lays unsolved. After that, who cares? Ichabod!

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