"Who Killed Tut: Case Reopened"
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The authors of "Who Killed Tut" have produced a two-hour documentary in response to the recent CAT scan of Tut's mummy and the statement by Zahi Hawass that there is no evidence for murder.

The authors, King and Cooper, are former FBI Profilers:

Only the last fifteen minutes of the documentary provided any update/rebuttal. The rest was a summary of the previous finding that Aye was the killer with consent of Horemheb. The authors finally conclude that the recent exam of Tut's mummy does not change their verdict.

Curiously they did not seem to consult the physician who stated so emphatically that Tut had a severe cervical spine deformity. They instead went to another expert who said that the CAT scan conclusively proves Tut had a normal spine. Further comparisons with Tut's spine and the deformed fetuses found in his tomb were not made.

Although conceding the spine issue, the authors still think that the two bone fragments inside Tut's skull could have been the result of a blow to the base of his skull where it joins the spine. Their bone expert did go on the record to say that for every cause of death a CAT scan might reveal there are a thousand it cannot, and that the CAT scan in no way eliminates murder as a possibility.

In general however they have now almost completely backed away from any evidence derived from the mummy of Tut itself as a source of testimony in the "murder case", primarily because they think the verdict can be drawn from the other information they have already presented. For example, the more than 100 canes found in the tomb of Tut indicate a physical handicap at an early age. A wall mural also shows Tut leaning on one of those canes and his legs drawn in a rather twisted and deformed way.

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