Re: A really different view different view

How about this? Jesus did not die on the cross, he survived! Mary of Magdala, was a male/Female impersonator, who became Jesus' "beloved", or John. Jesus became the consort of Mary/John and Mary/John and Jesus went to Athens=Marsaille=Mars Hille= Areopagus!, where they taught, before going to Rome, where Mary/John later became Pope, with the name Pope Joan!

After all Temple prostitutes were of all sexes, straight, and unstraight! Man/boy, man/girl, girl/girl, etc. Certainly a transvestite was not any less available in those days!

Thus, the beloved desciple was originally a temple prositute, who came to follow Jesus, changed her look, remember the words "first a woman must become a man", and as a man was allowed into the inner circle of the Jesus cult, eventually having relations with Jesus, and eventually giving birth in full view of everyone while the Pope!

Certainly there would then be no doubt as to who would inherit the "purple" of Jesus! Think also of pope John the English?

Just a little something to remind you that ABC will be showing a special on the "female pope, Joan", next thursday!