Re: A really different view different view

Hello larry,
A political marriage is still a marriage is very correct but when in Egyptian history did the ancient Egyptians marry Babylonian women? Following my logic of ancient Egypt being the historical home of ancient Isreal and Judah, bibilcal history writes that the Hebrews were slaves in Babylon thus making any intermarriage between the two groups unlikely.

Tremendous influence is an understatement! Without the spiritual insights of ancient Egypt there would not be no Christanity.

If Jesus did not die on the cross then the entire basis of Christanity is fraudulent and with millions of Christans in the world I think the mere fact of his death is well established. Jesus did not write the book of Revelations his angel came to John so that John would write down the propehcies concerning the end of the age.Lastly, Jesus was not a Christian and there was no such thing as Christanity until hundreds of years after his death.

Thanks for the reminder. Peace