a different view

I see the co-relation between ancient Isreal and ancient Egypt a little differently. Specifically, I believe, that Jesus is Tutankhamen, Narmer is Moses and Ramses the first is David and Ramses the second is Solomon. The nineteenth dynasty is the Golden age of Isreal. Solomon's temple still stands today as well as other buildings he constructed. The histrories of these men are identical in many ways. For instance, the plotting of the preists to kill Tutankhamen and Jesus who were both kings without a kingdom and in fact the Bible says that Jesus was crucified in Egypt , the founding of a nation by Narmer and Moses and the absolutely identical stories of Ramses the second and Solomon from the women they married to the buildings they constucted. I agree that ancient Eygpt is the birth place of Hebrewism I just see the personages a little different.

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