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That was excellent research Charles I think you may have something there. I wan't you to check out this website out because they even connect iepeter/iepetos to japheth. As far as the old kingdom relationships I really wanna work on this with you too(grin)..I know you have more authority, but I really want you to discern that "sahu-re" is nimrod(enmerkar) rather than narmer meni because sahure might have been the one to set up urek and babel out of egypt the dates seem to corroborate more. I still think narmer meni is adam lol with the ksh(kush and kish) and I know that sneferu is at least "a" noah thats well known by the masons so maybe we can work around that *wink* I also believe this Ham is khasekhemy and not hotepsekhemy I would like for you to check that out. With this phut subject it would make sense if they were the biological founders because they would be the phonecians of eritea/ethiopia/somalia area "puntland" ta-netjer:

I agree wholeheartedly that the "original phonecians" not the phonecians that history calls phonecians(lebanon) are the founders of the old kindom dynasty mixing in with the hamites(nubian)and the bible "expanding japheth" yet the honery "ham" have a slight problem with that usurping the biological line makes perfect sense actually. I dont remember how many lines you mentioned in the table of nations in rather they were two or three but the phut I being somalia/ehtiopia and phut II being "buto" libya would make sense and hten later on if there is a phut III "lebanon" I do find it strange that Imhotep was just automatically able to claim a seat in egypt and with the puntite beard he has that looks like a little viena sausage that some pharoahs have means he is from the land of the gods(ta-netjer) thats in case you didn't know that. Now here is waht I really want to work with you on as far as the table of nations historacity is the "curse of canaan" I think its much more serious than what i read in the essay canaan just being a scap goat and I think phut is involved with this curse. If you notice in leviticus it says that god puts curses on the 3rd and 4th seed and phut is listed third and canaam 4th as if this could be another clue the author is giving some people and not others because he/they surely want us to keep an eye on canaan because he keeps being mentioned before he is even born or even before the three other brothers are listed. Maybe there is something between phut and canaan that is going on aswell? phonecians and southern palestinians maybe?

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