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"Man of the Mighty Goddess",

I haven't forgotten about your questions! I'm presently Put-ting together an essay that "covers Noah" (grin) and his sons and their relation to the Egyptian Old Kingdom. This has become a very intoxicating study. Here's a few highlights:

1) Japheth and Put are one and the same person. No offspring is given for Put in Genesis 10, because they are listed under Japheth instead.

2) Japheth has the same meaning as that of the Greek hero Peleus, "dark (as in the color of deep ocean water)". In Greek myth Peleus is the son of Aeceus, but the protege of Chiron. The name Chiron, meaning "hand", is especially informative. (Chiron is typically shown has extending his hand.) The name Judah is derived from a Hebrew root meaning "hold out the hand". Aeceus is associated with rain, thunder, and earthquakes, as is the Mesopotamian god Adad (Egyptian Horus the Elder, Biblical Judah). Aeceus and Chiron are then probably one and the same.

Japheth/Put is therefore the half-brother of Ham. Both are the sons of Mehushael/Jubal. Japheth/Put is the son of Ham only in the sense of seniority/birthright. Japheth is also the son of Noah, because he married the leading daughter of Noah. In Greek myth, Peleus abducts the daughter of Nereus (corresponding to Noah and/or possibly his predecessor Iapeter/Poseidon), god of the sea. Peleus later marries her in a sumptuous affair attended and blessed by all the Olympian gods and goddesses. He thereby succeeds Nereus and Iapeter and receives the divine title of "Poseidon".

3) By the goddess Libya ("daughter" and successor to Io/Isis), Poseidon (now Japheth), becomes the father of Belus and Agenor, who likely correspond to Mizraim and Cush. Poseidon is also the grandfather of Cadmus son of Agenor, who would then correspond to Nimrod. If so, then Japheth/Put rather than Ham was the biological founder of the Egyptian Old Kingdom! Perhaps Libya was considered the wife of Ham and therefore the sons of Japheth were counted as Ham's.


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