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Your analysis is fundamentally flawed because it is based on a book of fiction. The Bible is not the real history of the 18th Dynasty or any history except in the most generalized sense. The Bible was written centuries after the events that transpired in the New Kingdom, your new chronology notwithstanding. The character of David and Solomon were crudely modeled after vague memories of Thutmose III and Amenhotep III. The fact is that the New Kingdom was far more developed and intricate than anything depicted in the Bible, including any of the glories attributed to the Temple of Solomon. It is not even close. Solomon's Temple would have not made hardly a dent in its impact if standing up next to either the Temples of Luxor or the Karnak. Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple in and of itself would have made the same contrast vis a vis the description of the Temple of Solomon as described in the Bible.

Fortunately, we have a significant amount of original source documentation that depicts details of everyday life in Ancient Egypt. Far more is known about everyday life than you are either aware of or care to admit.

The early 18th Dynasty literally saved Egypt from disaster because the Hykos invaders in the Delta were conspiring with the traditional Nubian enemies of Egypt to execute a pincer movement against Thebes, which was the last bastion of the traditional Egyptian Culture. This was a dangerous coalition of Egypt's traditional enemies to impose uniform foreign rule on the Egyptians. These were the enemies Thutmose III subdued to protect Egypt after Hatshepsut passed on the the next world.

The draw of Egypt was because it was so fertile and productive. It had a great organized agricultural base with an excelent division of labor for the time periods it existed. The problems were not caused by pharaohs who were tyrants. The problems were caused by agression by outsiders who were invading. The pharaoh's role was to maintain Maat and that included providing for security.

I have encouraged your research because I sense a value in uncovering the 18th Dynasty influence in the earlier stages of the development of that patch work quilt composed of many disparate sources known as the Bible.

If you push too hard to make the real history fit your secular objectives based on misinterpretations then you will undermine the benefit of your work. My perception is that you desire to use your strained interpretations to undermine organized religion to push your form of secular humanism. There are better ways to achieve that outcome if that is your objective. But asserting that your analysis with its minute level of detail you claim is actual history will not do it.

Let's face it, tyrantical systems don't endure thousand of years. If you doubt this then look how long the Soviet Empire lasted, and it had nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

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