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Hi Ron, And the correct defensive measures are??

I think they had to be a large, technologically advanced, and vicious in combat (like the assyrians) army who could scare the pants off any potential enemies - an army like the Spartans. This being my point.

Secondly, I believe ancient wars were, in part, a search by greedy kings to expand the number of subjects who they can protect, ie., tax. People could be taxed just like Temples and gold or tin mines.

Now consider who might be attracted to an ancient city of refuge - well the same kind of people who are attracted to city life today. Are these people just poets and philosophers and religious visionaries? In part, but I think ancient cities would have attracted blacksmiths, stone masons, entrepreners, teachers - all people a king would not want to allow to escape from his domains and, of course, his ability to tax. My guess is that "cities of refuge," would have put up walls as soon as they could afford it. They must have been tempting targets!

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