The "Unique Friend" Abraham
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Abraham like every other royal person was forced into traditional role playing throughout his lifetime, but for the author of Genesis Abraham stood far above the rest. Abraham somehow transcended his culture and achieved a sense of uniqueness. He refused to lower himself to the level of his peers in the vain persuit of power.

If Abraham held the status of pharaoh it would have been as a very young prince and while still the heir apparent of Terah. He may be one and the same as the Djehuty listed among the 17th Dynasty pharaohs along with Senakhtenre Tao I (Terah), Sequenenre Tao II (Mamre), and Kamose (Iscah). After Terah and Abram were defeated by family rivals in Mesopotamia, Terah regrouped in Canaan and Egypt and transferred the birthright of kingly succession to other sons and grandsons. Abram accepted his demotion without bitterness and continued to strive for the good (at least in the opinion of Genesis).