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Charles Pope wrote:

"Surely there were and still are very many dialects of Arabic. Hebrew also evolved over time, and this was one of the most effective means of proving the recently "surfaced" Josiah tablet to be a fraud. The tablet's creator intended to have Josiah say, "I made repairs to the temple." In the language of Josiah's day the phrase would have been read as "I made damages to the temple"!!"

I have come to regard Arabic as nothing more than the language of the "prophet", and, if I am correct, every member of this religion can speak with another, in Arabic, the language of Mohamme. If in no other!

The same thing cannot be said about France, or Germany, or America at one time or antother. The accents were just too different!

Thus, I and others like me, have concluded that Arabic, like Greek, and Latin, or just a special created language for religious purposes! In other words, they are not original, but contrived and created!, for the special people who would or could spend the time to learn them.

For example, just how many persons in the world now speak Latin or Esperanto (a newly created language, spoken and understood by just a small faction of the literati?)

If you are not required to read it, you rarely can speak it, and even more rarely can you write it!

In my humble opinion, I think our modern languages are, mostly created" to promote diversity! And the "Church", with its armed "christian soldiers", IE the Monks and other orders of the middle ages and the reformation, were proscribed to institute these same variations!

Thus were societies divided upon and within themselves!